Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Talking to a Paperclip

Office Supply Art: Jen,where have you been and why haven't you been making us more often?
Jen: None of your damn business, Office Supply Art!
OSA: Jeez, Jen, take it easy, we were just wondering.
J:Sorry, sorry guys, just been a little touchy lately. Look, I'm back though, I made this awesome piece of you yesterday:
OSA: Wow, that's beautiful, how did you make it? What office supplies did you use?
J: Thanks, I think it's beautiful, too. I made it with the magic and professional technique of cutting stuff out from a magazine and taping it to another piece of magazine. I came up with a theme and found colors that went with the theme and cut them out and stuck 'em down. I didn't think the flower stood out enough from the background so I used a permanent marker to do a little edging along one side.
OSA:What do you call it?
J: My Collage Sunflower is an Honor Roll Student at Smithfield Junior High
OSA: (pause) Uh, okay. I don't get the title.
J: Yeah, well, you're a made-up voice in my head being spoken by a paper clip wrapped inside a Post-It Note, so I don't expect much from you.
OSA:Um, I have to go now.

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