Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just saw a headline, as I was headed to my blogging post, that said something about Michael Phelps being the "winningest" Olympian of all time. First of all, who knew "winningest" was a word? Not me. When I see it I think it has something to do with birds...but that's just me.

So that got me thinking: What can I be the winningest at? Or the most winningest of? Not sure how to use this newly-learned word in a sentence at this point. I am hoping that me and the winningest-ness can work together in some way with office supply art. Like, winningest office suppy arter or all time? That doesn't have much of a ring to it, we'll have to work on that.

My orinigal intentions for today's post were to say that I have recovered from my second rejection letter and I'm doing well. I decided that if no one will pay me to write, maybe I can get paid to make modern art:

I call it "Winningest Styrofoam Meets Losingest Cardboard Pieces". A new printer was recently installed in my office, but I found the packing materials much more interesting than the new office equipment. Probably because I haven't figured out how to turn the printer (scanner/copier/frozen margarita maker) on yet...candles and a backrub, maybe?

Back to my piece. It's modern office supply art, right? I just looked up what modern art is and apparently I'm out of the historical time frame for it to be real modern art, but I think this part of the definition applies: "Nearly every phase of modern art was initially greeted by the public with ridicule, but as the shock wore off, the various movements settled into history, influencing and inspiring new generations of artists." I think that is pretty much my life story, right there. Especially the influencing and inspiring new generations of artists thing.

See, I'm cocky again, which means the universe will be knocking me down very shortly. For now I'm the winningest though.

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