Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainbow Days

There are many, many reasons for this post involving rainbows today:

1. Last weekend I was introduced to this hilarious clip on youtube. The entire video is of a rainbow reflected in the spray of a sprinkler while the woman taking the video is in the background talking about what must be in our water supply for that rainbow to appear in the water. It's a hoot.

2. It is STILL raining. Rain rain go away and come back when I'm sleeping and don't have to drive in you. I need some color in my life, hence the rainbow theme.

3. My latest office supply art project has all the colors of the rainbow (just like Skittles!):

4. I know how much rainbows cheer people up and today seems like a good day for cheering up people. You know who you are.

5.My cats, who, as I've mentioned, read my blog and they, too, could use some spirit-lifting. They are depressed because of all the rain and their lack of outside time. I am depressed by their increased litter-box time.

And one last thing that has nothing to do with rainbows but does have to do with haiku. My mom was inspired to write a haiku after my post the other day and her's is actually really good:

Breeze blows. Leaves tremble
Thirsty earth longs for moisture
Rain comes pouring down

I know, right? She stayed with the nature theme and everything. She should write a second haiku about bacon from the hand dryer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My contribution for your call for hand dryer bacon haiku:

touch the ham button
bacon plentiful erupts
Wilbur is some pig!