Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Bacon Turtle Sandwich

Last night I did some set up for my blog: I scanned a mosaic I made (it's on the back of a legal pad from work) and also cut and pasted a haiku about bacon from a hand dryer that Erik in the comments section yesterday. Maybe I should just leave the blog that way, with no further commentary:
touch the ham button
bacon plentiful erupts
Wilbur is some pig!
Tempting, but then it's confusing: Is the turtle touching the "ham button"? Do turtles eat bacon? Do turtles need to dry their hands/feet/paws? Has this turtle read Charlotte's web (or seen either movie version) to know who Wilbur is?
I wish I had the answers, but I don't. It's Friday and my brain is on auto-pilot. Although it's three-day weekend for most in my office, I am working Monday. You can bet I'll be making large-scale, elaborate pieces of office supply art, perhaps even articles of clothing if I get bored enough, since no one is around to stop me. Or report me for either insanity or stealing excessive office supplies.
I'm going to sign off now, as I think this blog is full enough, what with the art and the haiku. About BACON.
Wait, this blog is not full enough, I take it back. Today is six weeks since I sent my stuff to Ten Speed Press. Either it was lost and never made it to them because it was eaten by hungry postal workers or they are still contemplating if it's a good idea. Or perhaps the rejection is sitting in my mailbox right now...

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Emily said...

Hopefully Erik's new job will spawn even more baconian brilliance!