Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Very Funny Mondays

I'm back. My friend left and it's a Monday - not a very good combination. However, I lifted my spirits creating some office supply art:

It's a flower (or pinwheel? Circular saw? Pizza roller-cutter thingy?) made of business cards. Not my business cards, those don't have very many pretty colors. This art is great because it's quick, doesn't use up any office supply for more than a few minutes and distracted me from the fact that it's Monday and my friend is gone. Whoops, I just reminded myself again. Dammit.

While Christy was here I did come up with some intriguing new ideas. On Friday night I was driving her around, taking her to touristy stores that I have never even been to even though I have lived in this area for four years (perhaps because everything in them is cheap crap?) After she located the item she needed (something made in China) I drove her up a mountain to see a ski resort. One that won't even be open for 4 months. Just to pass the time. This is when I hit upon the concept of: "Jen's Pointless Tours". Do you think that would fly? Most tours involve history, ghosts, bars, sites where animals have mangled people, churches, battles, etc. These tours would be...pointless. You know, just for "fun". I'd show people where I go to the dentist, which grocery store I like, my favorite aisle in the library, where I used to park when I lived on Main Street, my Doc Marten collection, the restaurant where they put bacon on my salad when I told them I was a vegetarian, etc. At the end they could come back to my house and pet my cats and I could sing.

What other intriguing ideas did I come up with? I know I said ideas, plural, above, but now I'm stumped. It could be because I spent the last three days on one of my own pointless tours and it has left my brain shriveled and fried. Or it could be the usual: I was trying to impress you and was hoping I'd come up with something else cool before the end of the blog.

Changing the subject, hoping you'll forget that I am not creative today, the three-week mark is up and I still haven't gotten any more rejection letters from ye olde publisheres. I'm going to take that as a sign that they are simply deciding whether they want to tell me they want my book by sending a check for 6 million dollars to my house or if one of the editors actually wants to take one of my Pointless tours and suprise me at the end with a singing monkey doing a hula dance, holding my check for 6 million dollars between it's teeth.

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