Friday, August 22, 2008

You Think of a Title, I'm Too Lazy

This "art" wasn't that awesome even in real life, let alone on the crappy picture of it from my cell phone, but sometimes you just gotta work with what you've got. Also, I was walking this morning and found a beautiful leaf, courtesty of God's Office Supply Store, so I threw it into the picture so there was something nice to look at.

Actually, it wasn't intended to be art in the first place, I had a folded up piece of paper that was headed for the trash and I tore it into strips and decided to weave it into an interlocking piece of wonderfulness, which doesn't fully translate here. I am happy I made it though, because now I know that if this whole book-publishing thing doesn't work out I can make pot holders and sell them on the street corner.
Oh, it's been five weeks since I sent my stuff to Ten Speed Press and still no rejection. This weekend I'll get everything together to send to Chronicle Books and maybe another publisher as well. And my friend (okay, highschool boyfriend, but that was too long ago to call him an ex boyfriend) and his girlfriend are visiting this weekend. Also, Amy wanted me to tell the story of how I felt like my sweetheart was making me late for work because he was parked behind me in our driveway and was taking too long to move his van and kept doing other things instead of moving and I got mad and threw his lunch off the front porch onto the lawn, but that doesn't seem relevant here, so I think I'll skip it.
Have a great weekend!

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