Monday, August 18, 2008


I did pretty much nothing I said I would do this weekend. With the exception of nothing, which I did alot of. I bought trashy celebrity magazines and read them and then recycled them without making collages or ransom notes out of them, as per my regular routine. I looked at one publisher's profile that I was thinking about querying with my book idea and that was it for me and book stuff. I wrote no query letters, made no paperclip landscapes, nothing, nothing, nothing. I took three naps in two days (I amaze even myself) and below is the one and only thing I did related to my blog or office supply art. Good thing it kicks ass:

My logo. For this week, anyways. Why pay for a pricey yet extremely boring and clean and professional-looking logo to be created by some graphic designer (which I technically am, by the way, not that you should believe me based on the above piece) when you can make your own out of office supplies and take a picture of it in your own home and call it done? No, the logo isn't saved or stored anywhere, it's disassembled in various places in my house. Rubber bands here, notebook there, piece of paper somewhere else hopefully not under a cat, paper clips back in their happy little containers. Did I just say "happy little containers"? Yes, I did. I think that slipped out because I've caught a couple of episodes of Bob Ross painting on PBS and man that was one happy guy, I respect his "happy little trees" and "happy little clouds". Oh, one more thing about this logo...see the stovetop burner in the top of the shot? Did I think that was professional? Did I think that has something to do with office supply art? Of course not. But I'm not going for (even close to) perfection here, just fun.

Happy Monday Everybody! (As I typed that I heard it in my head being said by that Dr. Nick on the Simpsons, see him here if you don't know who I mean. It's much funnier when you say anything about Monday with his voice.)

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