Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Wish I Had a Cot. And Some Grape Juice.

I'm so sleepy right now. The cats have been waking me up early lately. And I am silly and think: "I'll get up with them and exercise! It's so wonderful to rise with the sun!" (That sentence made it sound like perhaps we were exercising all together. Me, the cats, all in leg warmers and headbands. Not true. Only they wear the leg warmers, I stick with sneakers and a sports bra. And if you're lucky I put on a pair of pants.)

Back on the subject: Fast forward to me in the afternoon, drinking my third cup of tea trying to get part of my brain (any part at all, even if it only remembers sitcom theme songs) to wake up. So in this semi-awake state I thought to myself: Why don't I try to write a witty blog? Good plan, Jen.

I haven't had a lunch break the last two days, that's why my blogs have been absent. Also, I haven't created anything. Oh, I did create a beautiful vegetable lasagna to feed to my friend, Christy, who is in town. That's art as far as I'm concerned. I also created irritation for my poor boyfriend. I won't bore you with the details.

Christy flew in today and boy are her arms sore! (Feel free to stop reading this blog because my jokes get worse on a daily basis. But remember how sleepy I am from working out with the cats. They're like drill sargeants.) and I was so, so excited to see her, we've been friends since we were 12 and she dressed up as a cow for Halloween and walked around kissing everyone on the cheek. I always look for people who share a love of farm animals and same-sex PDA.

Before I dig myself in any deeper, let me just say that there will be more office supply art to come. But maybe not tomorrow, as I have to give a presentation. In front of the board of directors. I doubt I'll be making paperclip art during the meeting, but you never know...

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