Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesdays Are For Weebles

Last night I left work (I love it so much that sometimes I don't leave! Kidding!) and went to a store that is close-ish to my job to pick up something for my mom and, bonus, to AC Moore, which was in the same plaza as the other store. I love AC Moore, I want to buy everything with the exception of the fake flowers and the sewing stuff, because I wouldn't know what to do with either of those products other than staple the flowers to a piece of fabric and wear it on my head as a hat. While I was there I did buy many more colors of polymer clay so I could create this:

Kidding, again. I did start another polymer clay project last night, but I only got to work on it for about half an hour since I spent a good part of my night kicking Anthony's butt in a game of Scrabble.

This lovely *coughpieceofcrapcough* unfinished piece is what I did today at work. We are low on office supplies and what with the collapsing of our banking and economic systems as we know it, I've been trying to make due with what I have. I'm a trooper. Trouper? Yes, Trouper, I do not work for the state police. I got bored quickly of this project, though. First of all, it was supposed to be trees, but it looked more like broccoli...maybe I need more fiber? Also, it was just tedious and for some reason I wanted to incorporate pink. So then I made this:

I know, awesome *coughartmyasscough*, right? Then I taped the two pieces together and cut them up to make a snowflake, or what a snowflake might look like after we're attacked with nuclear weapons in a few years:

Seriously, I am not feeling very creative today, work is draining my energy and I can't wait to talk to the life/career coach tomorrow. Always good to pin your dreams on someone else's abilities, I always say.

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Amy said...

We used to call broccoli "trees" to get my little brother to eat his share of veggies. He's 20 now and still calls them trees. I think this comment MIGHT be related to your post, although now I'm not sure...