Wednesday, October 29, 2008


People, this is what it's come to:

I'm making toilet-paper-roll animals. (No balloons to be found.)
I call this creation the "Dasch-Poo-Pard". The delicately crafted leopard body is made from an empty toilet paper roll and accented with hand Sharpied and hand Highlighted fur. The professionally attached tacks provide the daschund-esque legs. This fabulous piece is accented with carefully assembled paper clip and toilet paper poodle head and tail. Notice the detail on the head - this poodle even has eyebrows. This piece is completed by its placement in a beautiful mountain and sky filled landscape. (There are no windows in my office so Amy printed out the landscape picture for me so I felt like I could see has not worked, but good try, Amy.)
Okay, so I'm desperate and bored...but I'm pretty impressed with my continuing creativity. I was pretty sure the only thing I'd be able to do for the next 25 days was mark off my calendar...

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