Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Appropriately Flushing Toilets

I have waaaaay too many topics on my mind that I'd like to blog about right now and I'm having trouble deciding on which one to go with. So I'm going to write about none of the topics and instead share this sign with you. It has recently gone up in my place of employment in the ladies room, on the wall next to the toilet:

I actually work in a different area than where this sign is posted. My toilets flush themselves, thank you. (I know, you're jealous.) Apparently upstairs there is a problem with people and them taking care of their business, if you know what I mean. What truly makes this sign so interesting to me is that it says "flushes appropriately". What does that mean?? I love the wording at corporate jobs, everything from emails to signs near toilets. You can't just say what you mean, which is "Damnit, no one wants to see your poop! Flush the toilet!" Nooooo you have to use big words even if they make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. What would "in-appropriate" flushing be? If I flushed wearing a feather boa? If I clogged while I flushed? Bottom line: I don't belong here! I don't know how to flush appropriately!

Which brings me to my life coaching session today...but I'm going to leave you on the edge of your seat (or couch or lounge chair or unicycle or whatever) because I want to take some more time to absorb what I worked on today and work on some of the homework assignments I was given, then think of something silly to make up about it to share with you.

Also, very soon on the blog I will be posting pictures of zoo animals. More information to follow....

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