Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pretty Colors

Since the economic downturn began, the company where I work, like many others, has been tightening it's belt. This primarily upsets me not because I think I'll get laid off, or because our benefits are being cut back, but because it means we have less freedom to order office supplies, a smaller selection of office supplies to choose from when we do need them, and the office supply closet now has a lock on it.

Imagine my unbridled joy yesterday when my boss gave me four little colored notebooks and three new Sharpies! Colored Sharpies! She gave me red, blue, and purple. She did not do this out of the generosity of her heart or because she knows I need to be able to be creative at work or I'll shrivel up and die, she did this because one of the sales reps that is constantly haranguing her to buy things gave her a bunch of free stuff. I know this because the sales rep's name and phone number are all over the new merchandise. But who cares! It's free stuff! That I can use to avoid doing any work!

This is what I created. Perhaps I should have chosen something that goes better with purple, blue, and red, but flowers were what I felt like drawing. Someone give me some new theme ideas, the only things I ever make are flowers and trees and suns. I'm like a 13 year old. Maybe it's time I added unicorns to my repertoire.

In other news, my truck is better now. Or that's what they tell me, I haven't gotten to drive it yet. Air in the brake lines. Happens to me all the time.

I'm going to sign off now since I need to do some stuff on my lunch hour. Mostly thinking about unicorns, but some other important stuff, too.

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