Friday, October 17, 2008

The Fashion Edition

Since I haven't made any office supply art all week and someone left a magazine that I could cut up lying around, I decided to blog about something I care about very deeply: Fashion. You can tell I care about fashion by my look today: I'm wearing the pants with the staples in the hem, I'm sporting un-plucked eyebrows, a somewhat wrinkled shirt, and as always, something is stuck in my teeth. Not sure what it is. But onto the topic at hand. Behold:

1 & 2. When I started in my job I was allowed to pick out the uniforms that everyone on my team would wear. I really, really pushed for the looks depicted in items one and two, but sadly budget constraints forced me to go with a slacks and blouse combo instead. For those of you, not naming any names *coughAmycough* who think I sound old when I use the words "slacks" and "blouse", leave me alone, it's time for my prune juice.
3. Seriously, if I had known that heels with socks was in style this season, I would have lost a lot less sleep at night.
4. A fuzzy, leopard print hat with a feather would look good on me. In a parallel universe where Britney Spears was a maven of good taste.
5. I'm just not a big fan of heels unless you're going to wear socks with them.
6. She has a chicken on her head. Do I have to say anything else?

In other, non fashion-related news, it's Friday and I'm in a great mood! My career/life coaching session this week really helped me to open up to what I really want to do for a career and gave me some ideas about how to survive my job with a positive attitude while I'm still here. I don't have another session with the coach until October 30th but I've made kind of a big decision about what I direction I'm going to go in. I'm not quite ready to blog about it, but I'm really excited. I figure that I'll have to do lots of little jobs to be truly happy and make a living, but I feel really good about that.

In fact, today I wrote another article that I'll try to get published, hopefully in a magazine that might even pay me a little for the article. Sometimes I get to a place where I have a great idea and I can write and it comes out of me naturally. Other times it's not nearly so easy and I'd rather sit on the couch drinking my prune juice.

As has become tradition, I have to tell you how many weeks have passed since I sent my submission package to Ten Speed Press: 13! I sent the followup letter almost two weeks ago. And I sent it from a different location in case my friendly neighborhood postal worker has it out for me. Quite a bit of time has passed since I sent my stuff to Chronicle Books, too. About two months, actually. I'd love to hear something, but not hearing anything is better than getting rejected.

I hope to make more art this weekend, write, get my article proofed (Thanks, Mom!) and submit it. Also I hope to eat pancakes. I was very disappointed about the lack of pancakes I consumed on Tuesday, so I hope the family trip to Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains this weekend pan(cake)s out better.

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WeightingGame said...

hope you had a great weekend! Keep us posted on the submission, for sure!