Tuesday, October 28, 2008


At work we're already starting to plan for next year's budget - which starts on July 1, 2009. Even though I'm leaving my boss asked me to see what else I thought needed to be added to last year's budget to round it out for the upcoming year. Other than adding extra money for electro shock therapy for the other members of the team, I didn't have much to add. However, it did inspire me to work out my own monthly budget for when I'm unemployed. You have to click on the chart, below, to get it large enough to read. It's worth it. There is an entire row dedicated to monthly chocolate expenditures.

Okay, hopefully you read it and can see that I'm screwed. Do you see anywhere that I can cut back? I mean, I think it's already cut as close as it can be, don't you?
In other news that is not related to me being broke: It snowed overnight! And on my drive into work! Driving a 20 year old truck with no safety devices (okay, it does have seat belts, but that's it!) and rear-wheel drive during what feels like the Apocalypse is not fun. As if I needed any more reasons to be glad I only have 26 days left...
Also, I got a flu shot today. I'm not big on vaccinations, or eggs being injected into me (did you know there are eggs in there??) I would rather not get the flu. I mean, I'll be far too busy doing photo shoots for my billboard, I can't take the time to be sick.
Have a great Tuesday!

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