Friday, October 3, 2008


Not Fun: Assigning my "team" tasks that involve spider web/bubble brainstorming assignments about how to exceed customer service expectations and having to make my own example to show to them:

More fun: Turning one of the bubble drawings into a fun mythical animal, the Three-Pawed, Bi-Winged, Single-Tailed Bobbling Wunder Confusitor:

Yes people, it's come to this. When I say "TGIF" I mean: "STGIFOMDOWAIMDSDLPCMASMCH" (Seriously, thank God it's Friday, or...I don't even know what I was spelling out with all those letters, but it had something to do with me getting so desperate I was willing to have myself cloned just so I could avoid being here.)
The weekend is greeting me with open arms and a warm, but slightly delirious and wacky looking, smile. I'm ready. My plans include: Not making plans.
In other non-weekend related news, it's been 11 weeks and still nothing from Ten Speed Publishing. Earlier in the week Anthony said maybe he threw out something from them. I paused. Sensing my fear/rabid teeth about to sink into him, he said, "I'm kidding, I open everything I don't recognize, even junk mail. I look at every envelope. Seriously." I retracted my claws at that point, but last night I asked again, "You didn't throw away my rejection letter from Ten Speed, did you?" and he said no again. I don't want a rejection letter, but at this point I'd like to hear something.
And what I hear now is the sound of the Internet calling, begging me to read blogs and tell it funny stories and paint it's nails. Have a good weekend!

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