Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Art Projects and Costumes

I had a great weekend that went by too quickly...but coming back this Monday was not nearly as hard as usual. I just realized, I only have 3 Mondays left after today! (I have some three day weekends coming up.)

On Saturday I woke up early and worked out and had breakfast and meditated and practiced my opera singing and all that stuff...then I showered and put back on my cozies and my bathrobe! I laid down on the couch with two books and soon was joined by some fuzzy friends:

I actually dozed off again since I was so relaxed. When Anthony rolled out of bed it woke me up, but at least I got him to take a picture of us. I am always very happy when my whole "family" is inside together safe and sound. Nola wanted to tell me how much she loves me, so shortly after this she left a dead bird by the front door. I forgot to tell Anthony it was there and he almost stepped on it...whoops. Thanks, Nola.

Saturday afternoon after a nap (there was a lot of that going around) I worked on my tree in circle again. This is what I had last week:

And this is how it turned out!

For some reason my camera was turning things a little pink, so the color is a bit off in spots, but you get the idea. Oh how I wish I could stay home all day and make art...oh wait, in six weeks I can!

Saturday was jam-packed, after I finished this project we had to figure out what our costumes for the evening were going to be, because we had a Halloween party to go to. I'll just tell you right now: Anthony and I stink at this whole thinking of costumes and dressing up thing. It's not that I don't let to get dressed up...if someone else picked out my outfit and did my hair and makeup and paid me large sums of money to do it, I'd be good to go. We drove around our town for an hour going to stores trying to think of what we could was really exhausting. Anthony bought us some peanut butter and chocolate fudge and a giant peanut butter cup so we could keep up our energy.

So during this whole excursion I decided what I would be and got what I needed while we were out and about. Straw. There are straw bales up all over town and I just stole a couple of handfuls from a bale...don't tell anyone. However, Anthony STILL didn't know what he was going to be by the time we got home...and the answer was in the bathroom all along. Don't ask me how he got the idea, but somehow he ended up putting a roll of toilet paper on his head under a winter hat and decided he was a Conehead. I told him to put ski goggles on it and be a skiing Conehead:

I cracked up every time I looked at him. I thought I was going as a farmer girl or something, but with the straw in my hair and in my overalls, everyone thought I was a high-dollar hooker, so I went with that. Sorry, wrong party. Everyone thought I was a scarecrow so I just drank my red wine and nodded my head in agreement.

On Sunday I went to the store to try to find this stuff I need for an art project Mom and I want to do. I couldn't find it, but check out the view from the parking lot:

I didn't really do anything creative the rest of the weekend, unless napping again counts...I did make meatballs and soup, so that was something.

Now I'm back at work, on my lunch break, counting down the minutes. Actually so far I'm just counting down the days (27) but if you know me you know I love a good countdown, so I'll probably be counting the minutes sometime soon. My boss said so far 20 applications have come in for my job. Yay! I hope someone will be very happy here because I know I'm going to very happy not here!

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