Monday, October 13, 2008

My Awesomeness Represented In Clay

I am so happy right now. By the time you read this I'll either be sitting in a meeting about customer service and the seven best ways to improve it that don't involve Valium or eating some weird conference lunch food, but as I type this on Saturday, I am happy. This is what I created, or completed creating, today:

I jammed out to some No Doubt and then some solo Gwen Stefani and rocked my radical dance moves and went to town finishing this project. I started working on one of the sun's tentacles but wasn't feeling it, so I went with my gut and scrapped it and started again. I'm really happy with the results and when I feel this good it's hard to believe I ever have to sit in a windowless grey office entering data about...well, nothing, in my opinion.

Someday (hopefully someday very, very soon) I plan on experiencing this joy, much, much more often.

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