Thursday, October 9, 2008

It'll Make Hair Grow On Your Feet

The pain and suffering (greatly exaggerated for primetime TV) of making the stuffed shells was well worth it. This is how much the recipe made!

We didn't eat all that...yet. Actually, I sent the small dish to my parents, put the round dish in the freezer and then the big dish made about five meals. They were delicious! In fact, look at Amy's "full" tummy:

Yeah, looks real full, doesn't it? She ate more shells than me and I know for a fact she ate a hot dog for lunch and yet she still looks like that. Unfortunately the shells did make her feet hairy:

My shells are so good they will make hair grow on your chest! And feet! Eat up!
The shells made me look deranged, see?

We look like twins: The one who is normal and has a flat stomach and the one who was dropped repeatedly on her hed.

After a night of shells, hot apple cider, and Scrabble (I didn't win a single game) we slept a restful, delightful sleep. And then I got up this morning to meditate. Some guidelines I live by:

Successful meditation:
get in touch with feelings
silent mind

Not so succesful meditation:
yelling at your cats
restarting the session three times
having to go to the bathroom really bad in the middle

Today I had the Not So Successful Medication Experience. Coconut kept pushing open or pawing on the office door, I was not able to hide from her this time. I stopped once to kick her out, once to feed her, and once to put her outside. I restarted my 15 minute timer each time, but by about 11 minutes in to the third try I could not hold nature back any longer...and that was the end of my meditation session this morning. Maybe I'll try again later, after I've given the cats and myself some very strong medication.

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