Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy $%@&#, I Quit!

Yes, it's true. Today I quit my job. My last day is December 5th (to give them time to find and train someone new). I can't blog much though, because during my lunch hour my boss took me to lunch. Even though I quit. Weird, huh?

The quitting itself went sooooo much better than my overactive-to-the-point-of-misery-and-insanity imagination thought it would. I was picturing gun fire and claw marks and lightening bolts being shot from eyes. None of that happened, I barely even cried!

Tomorrow I will write more about it, about my plans, and I'll draw you some purty pictures, too!

1 comment:

WeightingGame said...

oh my gosh! I hope things went as well as could be expected. Do keep us posted...