Monday, October 6, 2008


I fully intended to post the letter I sent to Ten Speed Press this weekend, inquiring about my submission, but every time I tried to publish my post I got an error - and it had to do with HTML and the screen had a big, bright red line on it and it reduced me to weeping, so instead I'll just have to give you some highlights. The letter was ridiculous, words like "badger", "pizza sauce", and "hairspray" were used; I also told the acquisitions personnel that they had sweet-smelling hair.

After that I made this sculpture out of paper clips, silly putty, used paper towels and cat hair:

Didn't it come out great?

Okay, you got me, the foliage is changing and it's beautiful around here.

Speaking of beautiful, today a cab driver asked me where I was from. I said Connecticut. He said he thought I must have been from Tennessee. Pause. He thought this "because you're the only Ten I See." This is why I need to get a new job!!!!

Speaking of which, career coaching appointment at lunch today, I'll fill you in if I get a chance.

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